Sunday, March 25, 2007

Zanzibar: You can't get there in a car. It's too far to Zanzibar

Reading about the Global Warming Swindle brought me to reading about DDT, which brought me to Zanzibar, which brought me to this song by Bill Harley:

Zanzibar, Zanzibar,
Zanzibar is very far;
You can't get there driving in a car;
it's too far to Zanzibar.

Full lyrics in Molly's Songbook.


Ellen said...

Did you actually LOOK at the lyrics on Mad Molly's website? Did you ever actually HEAR this song? Because these are not the lyrics and "this old man" is not the tune. Sorry, man. This song is WAY better than the one listed on the website you linked to!

Carly said...

I think there are a few songs called Zanzibar, but this is definitely the one...hahha :)
In Zanzibar they grow cloves, what they're used for I dunno. Maybe they stick them between their toes, in Zanzibar they grow cloves!!!

Ellen said...

Carly, you're quoting the right song, but there's some weird one on the Mad Molly site. Just got back from Zanzibar, by the way. It is indeed very far, but I so no men and women smoking cigars! :)

Cade said...

I used to liten to this story like every single night before i went to bed as a kid.

MMR said...

who sings it and where can I find an audio of it? the complete song?